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What Types of Jobs To Accept

What types of jobs to accept… As business owners, tradies, human beings in general, we like to help people. We like to make people happy. Knowing what types of jobs to accept is a common hurdle. As such, typically this can affect us in our business and this is the reason why. As we get…

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Reviewing Your Goals

Hey guys, today I’m down at Mawson Lakes for today’s video. With it being the last day of the quarter I thought it would be a good time to just go over and talk a bit more about quarterly goals and the importance of reviewing your goals. Importance of Reviewing Your Goals Now we’ve talked…

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Can You Afford a Tradie Coach?

One of the reasons why people don’t hire a tradie coach that I’ve been told recently, was because they didn’t think they could afford it. Now, this particular tradie, have been working in his own business for quite a few years and not paying himself a wage or just taking a small amount of money.…

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Looking To Hire More Tradies

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with clients and tradies looking to hire more tradies. At the moment, everyone is really busy and struggling to get the work done and most of my clients are looking to hire more tradies to help grow their businesses. Looking To Hire More…

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Focus on the Result NOT on Income

So the challenge that was sent this week was this “I run a business, and my goal for the last 12 months was to put on two extra trades, but I haven’t succeeded, what do you recommend I do about why I didn’t achieve this goal.” The problem is your focus is on the income…

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Why Tradies Need A WHY Statement

A WHY statement for a business is known as a “mission statement”. It is similar to a personal WHY statement in a number of ways. Having a good mission statement is important but most tradies don’t bother to create one. Or they write one for a business plan and then never look at it again.…

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The Business Prophet
Today we honour the contribution of every mother who has been a friend, a guide & a critique to her kids & has helped them live a better life; because we believe that every day is mother's day! We ask that you really appreciate your time with them and maybe even spoil them 🥰 ... See MoreSee Less
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