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Holding Yourself Accountable in Goal Setting

Holding Yourself Accountable In Making Your Goals Happen It’s always easy to blame other people or other things when you fall short of reaching your goals or when you lose the will to pursue them. You might have gone through this kind of frustration before, and you probably just can’t afford to look at yourself…

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2 weeks ago

The Business Prophet

Do you want to grow your business? For what purpose?

If you can’t articulate what you want how can you expect anyone else to know what you want, especially your team (if you have one)

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I’m too busy to do something that can give me more time

It’s amazing how many time I hear these words or something similar. We kid ourselves in thinking that what we are doing is the best thing to move us closer to what we want.

In reality what we are doing is what is immediately in front of us and screaming loudest.
How often has someone asked you to drop everything and help them out? Because you didn’t want to upset them you’ve done exactly that, even though you are so busy you don’t have time.

Here’s the thing, most likely the reason why they’ve asked you to drop everything is because they aren’t organised and have left what it is until the last minute and then panicked. What you’ve done is prioritised them over you and if I was a betting man I would guess that this isn’t the first time they’ve done it.

The fact that you’ve created time when you are too busy typically means that what you were doing probably wasn’t that urgent and probably not that critical to meeting your goals either.

If I told you that just by taking time each day to assess whether what you are doing is moving you closer to your goals you could save on average 10 hours a week would you believe me?

This simple technique is just one of the ways that I can help you in “How to become a 6-Figure Tradie”

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4 weeks ago

The Business Prophet

With Christmas fast approaching I find this a perfect time of year to get away and start thinking about new year goal planning.

A week of sitting around the pool enjoying the sunshine, reading and relaxing is perfect preparation.

How do you prepare for your goal setting?

Only two weeks left until the start of “How to become a 6-Figure Tradie”

Have you booked your place yet?
Message me to make sure you don’t miss out.

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