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Yesterday was World Mental Health Day and it got me thinking about as blokes how bad we are at expressing our feelings but just as importantly our inability to pick up on how our workmates are doing.
Men in general find it very hard to talk about how they are feeling especially to other men.

We spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our partners, family and friends. For tradies in particular this time is spent predominantly with other men.
Because we spend so much time together it should be easier to pick up when something isn’t right, if our workmate is off colour or not acting like themselves.

Generally when this happens as blokes we might say something like “got out of the wrong side of bed this morning”or “man up”

What I’m trying to say here is that when a man says these types of comments to another man it stops dead in its tracks any opportunity for the man who is feeling down to want to share what’s going on for him. He feels like he’s not going to get any sympathy or willingness to listen out of the other guy, so why would he share his innermost emotions.

But this is exactly what we must do as men, if we are to help combat mental health issues.

I know it feels awkward and uncomfortable but they are your mates, if they were in any other type of trouble you would be there for them every step of the way, you’d have their backs.
This is no different.

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How serious are you about your service business?
Are you one of those people that doesn't want to look foolish because you don’t know something that you feel you should, so you just ignore it at the detriment to your business.

It's not foolish to ask for help, it is foolish to ignore the problem and hope it goes away or that you stumble across the answer.

I’m very serious when it comes to business, but I’m super happy to look like an idiot and ask a question or look for help (just check out this picture of me that I’ve just shared with the world!). I have absolutely no problem of being the dumbest person in the room.

As a tradie I can guarantee that you know heaps more than me about your trade, but I can also guarantee that when it comes to business I’ve got you covered.

So why not ask for my help.

So often I get tradies say that I didn’t ask for help because I figured I couldn’t afford it.

I’ve created a live group coaching program that is ridiculously cheap (if I do say so myself LOL 🤣) now you have absolutely no excuse to not ask for help.

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Do you feel like your business is stalled, that it isn’t growing as quickly as you had hoped or planned?
Does everyday feel like groundhog day? Do you think to yourself, why am I doing this?
Why is it that other trades are smashing it and I’m still struggling?

How cool would it be to have someone walk you through step by step what you need to be doing in your business to get the results YOU want

How to Become a 6-Figure Tradie

Most other programs are fixed content, they are designed to provide you knowledge but not to make sure you get the results you want from the program.

I walk you step by step through the program holding your hand so to speak to make sure you get the most out of the program.

This program is live, no pre-recorded trainer going through the motions, we are going to be diving deep into what’s important to YOU

As an ex trade I know that you want results, you want to see the extra $’s in your bank account, we are going to be cutting straight to the core and focusing on what’s going to make you more money and give you more time... all for only



- 6 X 90 minute group coaching calls
($6,750 value)

- private group support for questions Monday-Friday
($800 value)

Ask me about the special limited VIP program
Message me to apply.

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