Hey guys, today I’m down at Mawson Lakes for today’s video. With it being the last day of the quarter I thought it would be a good time to just go over and talk a bit more about quarterly goals and the importance of reviewing your goals.

Importance of Reviewing Your Goals

Now we’ve talked about this in quite a lot of detail in previous videos, but today I want to concentrate on the importance of reviewing the quarterly goals that you’re just completing.

Quite often we see that, and I have seen this myself as part of my mentoring group that I’m belonging to, is that we all had some fantastic goals we set for the quarter but when we actually reviewed how many of those goals and actions that we actually completed, it wasn’t as many as we thought.

We got busy and that didn’t mean that the things that we were doing weren’t important or weren’t useful in our businesses, but we tend to lose focus on what’s really important.

The Purpose of Having Quarterly Goals

The whole purpose of having your quarterly goals is:

  • To keep focused and to set ongoing intentions
  • To keep you moving closer to your yearly goals
  • With a longer term three to five year goals view

It’s really critical that you review what you’re doing and review how you went with your quarterly goals.

Make sure that you’re tough on yourself. Make sure that if you’re not hitting your goals and not completing the actions, then you’re obviously not spending enough time focusing on your top fives, on making sure that’s in sync with your quarterly goals, your 90 day goals

It’s Really critical.

Get Ready for the Next Quarter

But with that being said, tomorrow is the first day of the new quarter, we’re into the second quarter. It’s coming towards the half year point of the year so this is a really critical stage in our goal setting section.

Make sure that we’re setting ourselves up for the second half of the year, and ready to really smash out those 12 month goals. Have a good look at where you’re at, have a good look at what those 12 month goals are, where they’re sitting with your longer term three to five year goals, and push yourself this quarter to really focus on achieving the tasks that need to be happening to get you to the end of the quarter, and to set yourself up for the rest of the year.

Good luck with the new quarter and if you have any questions please reach out to me https://www.thebusinessprophet.com.au/contact/

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