Joel Mesecke

I have worked with Paul from the Business Prophet for the past 12 – 18 months to grow and structure my business. In my time with Paul, his organisation, communication and knowledge are second to none. His structure around knowing what I want to achieve/what the next step is to give us greater motivation has…

Adam Jacobs

Paul has an aura that is infectious and people around him thrive through his confidence and advice he gives. I can thoroughly recommend his company and services to any employer or organisation that seeks his services personally and professionally.

Jo Douglas

Paul Rogers is an annoying, irritating pain in the butt purely because he is pushing my buttons, assisting me to learn, implement, take action, be accountable and take action. Everyone needs a pain in the butt like Paul to progress their business.

Nicky Brunning

Been a busy few weeks and the goldfish ate my homework !! Umm did not get away with that. Mr Rogers has the uncanny ability to be able to make you very accountable for your homework and progress. Have a huge action list after this weeks session but a very doable one. Great to have…

David Turnbull

Paul Rogers knows it but more importantly does it – there is a wealth of experience to be tapped in to and you will find yourself shaking your head, smiling and wondering why you didn’t come up with it! Highly recommended indeed.

Tiffeny Talent

The Business Prophet provides my business around the clock support. With a forward-thinking approach and knowledge, I am eager to learn, Paul provides impeccable, professional service with a hint of fun. With the Business Prophet and Paul’s guidance, in 6 short months we have grown my business, employed for the first time but most importantly…

James Turner

Paul was very helpful in helping prompt me in a few areas that my business was lacking. Also helped me realise my business was actually going okay, just a few minor tweaks to help get back on track. Paul is a valuable asset to anyone looking to help they’re business have direction.


Paul has been very supportive to me and my businesses over the last year, especially when facing challenging circumstances. I have found him to be a genuine, knowledgeable resource & his advice has been sound, reflecting his years of business experience. Paul is a very good listener & I have appreciated how dedicated he is to me and my business, I look forward to continuing our coaching relationship in the future.